Late Night Video — Fox is Monkey Wrenched

This is plenty weird and plenty amusing.  I’m surprised that this guy got anywhere near Fox News, but hey — this is how you treat fake news!  Please let this be a thing — and let’s have college students all over the country work out even weirder ways to make Fox News look even stupider than they are.  This is about 7 minutes long:

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4 comments on “Late Night Video — Fox is Monkey Wrenched

  1. I have to give credit to Tucker for exploding this one when the Moonie Times ran with it. It would be nice if he could go back through the archives a bit and nail some of the garbage that actually made it on air unchallenged during the past 8 1/2 years.

  2. I heard a guest on WHYY’s Radio Times talk about something like this on Wednesday. She said that people were being paid to pour acid into air conditioners of buildings where presidential events were to be held, and also that the protesters generally were being paid to be there. The host came back around to that and asked incredulously where the guest had heard that information. The guest named some non-news website.

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