Question (01/14/17)

With Republicans moving forward with repealing the ACA and introducing a bill that would ban nearly all abortion, what’s next?

I’m going with a religious freedom bill that will allow “good Christians” to discriminate against the LGBTQ community, Muslims, Jews, black and brown people and women who enter their establishments without a male chaperone.

Your thoughts?

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  1. HyperbolicDem

    It may seem that the GOP has this mandate to pass, or strike down, any laws they see fit. This is technically the case. However, society moves forward and people, not governments, are more accepting of social change once it has become a way of life. Many of the steadfast opponents of these changes on a “moral” basis would be unwilling to see things go back to they way they were. I have confidence that seeing the LGBTQ community stripped of their right to marry and the pain it would cause would be something that the average American would not want to see happen. At this point I have to have faith in my neighbors and fellow Americans that they can look at the individual and not the issue. I

    It is much easier to oppose a law being passed than to support it’s abolition, particularly one that endows rights and freedoms on human beings. The argument needs to be made on a personal, local, even family level. Everyone, and I mean everyone, has a family member who is LGBTQ, just like everyone has a family member who depends on Medicare, Medicaid, or the ACA. It is part of our society now and cannot go away.

    This doesn’t mean that the GOP won’t make good on their promises to strike these down. Don’t forget, politicians enter a sound proof/soundbite bubble. Their perception is shaped by what they view is what got them elected. This is not always reality. They may strike down some laws and hurt a great many people, but that’s what it might take to change the system. The adage of “be careful what you because wish for you might get it” is not complete without the chaos and unchecked power that comes with having everything. Unfortunately.

  2. HyperbolicDem

    Also, best picture ever for this post.

  3. We may as well take away the right to vote from women and people of color, make women the property of their husbands and allow them to only work as teachers or secretaries.

  4. I’m expecting a bill stating that corporations and CEOs can never be sued, and that littering is now mandatory. 😉

  5. Suspect we’ll get versions of all the Republican favorites that they’ve been inflicting upon people in the south and mid west, and that means the famed Bathroom Bills that have been such a big hit in North Carolina. And of course that Mike Pence favorite of requiring funerals for aborted fetuses and all the other versions of anti abortion bills that they seem to create on a daily basis. Also expect that on many of these bills, schemes and song and dance routines the reaction of the public will send the rats scurrying for cover as courage of any sort remains unknown to politicians of all and any sort.

  6. Once they get DeVos confirmed, they’ll get to work on dismantling public education entirely.

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