Will the Love of His Life Be the Thing That Takes Trump Down?

As much as we mock Donald Trump’s love of tweeting, he is creating a very public digital record. After yesterday’s Russian revelations (unverified as of now), Trump jumps into the fray with a string of tweets.

It’s interesting how he quotes Russia, no? That’s his first tweet on this issue – and he quotes Russia. Not US intelligence. Not his own words. He turns to Russia.
Care to prove that claim, Mr. Trump? It’s not hard to do. Release your taxes. He won’t do that, but everyone knows these things have a way of coming out. And if they do come out (No deals?) Donald Trump is on record (Twitter!) adamantly denying he has had anything to do with Russia.

Also, the all caps things is for losers, Donald. L.O.S.E.R.S.


Not sure how long this shtick will work. “Fake News” is so 2016. It’s also amazing that this temper tantrum is brought to us by a guy who wallowed in President Obama’s birth certificate lies.

His cry of “FAKE NEWS” has an expiration date – and that’s rapidly approaching. Trump thinks he can use his campaign tactics in the Oval Office. Sorry, it doesn’t work that way. Be careful what you wish for. You wanted to be the center of attention – you got it.


This one is a doozy.

First, LOL at the outrage over intelligence agencies “leaking” fake news to the public! Remind me again, how many times during the campaign did he cite and praise Wikileaks? He didn’t have a problem with FBI Director, James Comey, either. But now “leaks” are bad.

Second, “One last shot at me”? Oh Donald, this isn’t the last shot. Buckle up, Buttercup, you’re in for a bumpy ride. Were you not paying attention the last 8 years? You played a Yuge role in “taking shots” at President Obama. Why was it okay then, but not now? Yes, yes, I know why the toddler thinks it’s unfair; I know he thinks he’s always the exception – the most special of snowflakes. But, come on! The Bully in Chief can’t take what he dishes out daily? May I suggest he change his behavior? He won’t. He has zero self-awareness.

Third, OMG, no. Nazi Germany? He went Godwin? Talk about desperation. Is he really comparing his “persecution” to that of the Jewish people under Hitler? Is he really doing that? Is he really doing that? 

Someone needs to take his phone away. It’s a dangerous weapon in his hands. And for those that say, “Ignore Trump’s tweets, they’re a distraction.” you are wrong. They are our President Elect’s way of communicating – and pretty much his only way of communicating to the American people. I don’t agree with his method, but it’s all we really have to work with. So, go on with your Twitter hatred, but do not ignore that Trump is using Twitter to set policy – a lot of it dangerous and uninformed, but policy nonetheless.

He’s supposed to hold a press conference today (?). We’ll see if that happens.

6 comments on “Will the Love of His Life Be the Thing That Takes Trump Down?

  1. Believe the novelty of Trump’s tweets is near over, despite being an end run around the hapless corporate media the novelty is gone but the insanity and childishness remain. Russia is not going away, believe it will only grow at this point leading to the famed “drive a stake thru it’s heart” moment for Trump.

    • If Trump has that “drive a stake thru it’s heart” moment, then Russia drops everything they have on him? Is that what you see happening, bamboozer? Bet there’s video! 😉

      And I have no doubt they have stuff on Trump and the GOP. No way they only hacked Dems. No. Way.

  2. The press conference is happening, my ears are bleeding. Some questions about his holdings were answered by an attorney. Everything is going to be run by the sons and it appears that we will have a triumvirate of Trump, Trump-Kushner, and Kushner in the Whitehouse. It was mentioned that Ivana and Jared are present on the stage at the press conference, but I didn’t hear them speak in the first hour.

    Trump is still in campaign mode, still spewing “horrible Hillary” comparisons. Still claiming his tax returns cannot be released while they’re being audited. Crowing of how much of a hit he will be taking on his businesses while in office. Name dropping business contacts in foreign countries (I hope journalists are taking names and investigating those pending-but-cancelled deals).

    One thing the lawyer said was that all proceeds from the hotel in DC would be donated to the U.S. treasury. Also that his company was hiring an ethics advisor and an ethics compliance officer to make sure all deals were vetted. I have no faith in that — these guys will be on the Trump payroll!

    Oh god. It’s going to be a long depressing frightening enraging four years.

  3. I was listening, not watching. I need my eyes for work and can’t afford for them to start bleeding, too! Turned it off before the ACA got mentioned.

    • It was a word salad. He’ll repeal the ACA (It’s the Dem’s mess! They should help clean it up – and thank him) and replace it simultaneously, or quickly, maybe, who knows.

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