Trump’s Press Conference – What Did I Just Watch?

I can’t even find the words for that mess. Perhaps our readers can… Share your thoughts and insights.

Here’s a few of mine:

Trump is in big trouble with repealing the ACA.

He ignored the question about if anyone with his campaign was in contact with the Russian government.

Joy Reid lays it out:

I’m still processing. That was really embarrassing.

8 comments on “Trump’s Press Conference – What Did I Just Watch?

  1. He refused to let a CNN reporter ask a question. Here’s the exchange:

    “Could you give us a chance, you’re attacking our news organization, can you give us a chance to ask a question, sir?” CNN’s Jim Acosta asked him.

    “Don’t be rude. I’m not going to give you a question,” Trump responded. “You are fake news.”

    So Presidential.

  2. Poor man has the eloquence of a banana slug.

  3. cassandram

    “… it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

    Except we will apparently have corruption baked into the cake for the next 4 years and they all just gave the press a ton or reason to really dig into this Russia story.

  4. I didn’t watch, but I”m reading transcripts of it. Did you notice he conditionally tied the ACA repeal and replace to the confirmation of his HHS secretary?

  5. Watched some of it including the famed “your fake news” bit. Trump Trolls are working furiously at this point to spin what happened but it’s clearly the start of Trump’s demise. If he can’t hide behind a tweet or pack the audience he’s toast, and orange toast at that. Rather pathetic display.

  6. Kathleen MacDonough

    He is very simply a madman.

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