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HB14 – Requiring Motorcyclists to Wear Helmets

I think State Representative Sean Lynn (D-31) has introduced this bill last year too.  And he did not suffer at the ballot box for it, so he and Republican Senator Gary Simpson are back with the bill in a new session.  For Lynn, he has a personal reason to propose this legislation:

They cite traffic statistics that show almost half of the 48 people who died in motorcycle crashes in Delaware since 2014 were not wearing helmets. Lynn sponsored a similar bill 2015 at the urging of a constituent whose husband suffered a traumatic brain injury in a crash without a helmet. But the bill stalled in committee amid opposition from motorcyclists who said it was government overreach. Lynn argues taxpayers end up paying for the long-term care of those who suffer brain injuries in a crash, so helmets are in the public’s interest. He compared helmet laws to laws requiring seat belts. “This isn’t government overreach, this is common sense,” Lynn said.


UPDATED: 4/3/17

SPONSORS: Lynn, Simpson



HISTORY: Assigned to Public Safety & Homeland Security Committee in House.

STATUS: Tabled in Committee.

4 comments on “HB14 – Requiring Motorcyclists to Wear Helmets

  1. cassandram

    I wonder if there isn’t a way to recruit insurance companies into this. A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, my first real job had insurance coverage that would provide you with half of your benefit coverage if you were injured as a result of car accident where you *were not* wearing a seat belt. This was just before seat belt coverage was required in all 50 states. That you couldn’t get full coverage from your insurance company or Medicare or Medicaid) if you had a motorcycle accident with no helmet.

  2. Why yes, I ride a Harley and wear a helmet and full protective gear. Something to do with fear of road rash and death it would seem. Enlisting the insurance companies will accomplish nothing, there is a not too small army of manly men out there who refuse to wear a helmet and their organization is ABATE. They beat the helmet laws almost 40 years ago and I dare say their ready to fight again and will have some surprising allies in the fight.

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