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HB 13 – Making Loveable Pit Bulls Legal Again.

Like children, a dog is dangerous if you raise them to be dangerous.  They are not dangerous by default.  Pit bulls and other so-called “dangerous” breeds of dogs only acquired that reputation because of media hype and horrible evil owners who raised them to fight.  State Rep. Charles Potter’s HB13 clarifies state law so that individual dogs are not deemed “potentially dangerous or dangerous for animal control enforcement or for purposes of criminal liability based solely on breed-specific criteria.” This bill will clarify state law so that individual dogs are not deemed “potentially dangerous or dangerous for animal control enforcement or for purposes of criminal liability based solely on breed-specific criteria.”


UPDATED: 6/8/17

SPONSORS: Potter, Sokola, Baumbach, Bolden, Briggs King, Henry, Williams 

YES VOTES: HOUSE: Baumbach, Bennett, Bentz, Bolden, Brady, Briggs King, Carson, Heffernan, Hudson, J.Johnson, Q.Johnson, Jaques,  Kenton, Kowalko, Longhurst, Matthews, Miro, Mitchell, Mulrooney,  Outten, Paradee, Potter, Ramone, B.Short, Schwartzkopf, Smith, Viola, Williams, Wilson, Yearick. SENATE: Bonini, Bushweller, Cloutier, Ennis, Hansen, Henry, Lavelle, Lawson, Lopez, McBride, McDowell, Pettyjohn, Poore, Richardson, Sokola, Townsend

NO VOTES: Collins, Dukes, Gray, D.Short, Hensley, Keeley, Osienski, Postles, Spiegelman, Smyk.,  [Mulrooney was absent].  SENATE: Delcollo, Hocker, Marshall, Simpson [Walsh was absent]

HISTORY: Passed the House 30-10-1 on 3/23/17.  Passed the Senate 16-4-1 on 4/27/17.

STATUS: Signed by the Governor.

7 comments on “HB 13 – Making Loveable Pit Bulls Legal Again.

  1. 34 U.S. dog bite-related fatalities occurred in 2015. Despite being regulated in Military Housing areas and over 700 U.S. cities, pit bulls contributed to 82% (28) of these deaths. Pit bulls make up about 6.6% of the total U.S. dog population.

    In the year of 2015, the combination of pit bulls (28), their close cousins, American bulldogs (2), and rottweilers (3) contributed to 97% (33) of all dog bite-related fatalities. Both American bulldog fatalities occurred in Miami-Dade County, Florida.

    I thought democrats governed using facts as a guide.The reputation is well earned and the reason the media singles out pitbulls is because they are pretty much the only lethal dogs out there. These are extremely dangerous animals. Disregarding the danger is on par with leaving a loaded gun lying around.

    • Democrats are against unwarranted discrimination. So you are talking about 34 dog bite deaths that occurred last year. 34. Out of a population of 350,000,000. In 2014, 2,626,418 people died in America. Assuming approximately the same number of people died in America in 2015, dog bite deaths account for 0.000012% of the deaths in America in a given year. This is a solution in search of a problem.

  2. 82% of the dead were killed by pit bulls which represent about 6% of the total US dog population. 34 is more dead than snakes, sharks, bear, alligators, crocodiles, spiders, mountain lions, and wolves combined.

    You can’t deny the facts laid out in this chart

    • cassandram

      The only thing that this chart measures is what the press reports in terms of dog bite fatalities.

      Statistical information gathered by is verifiable1 through collected news reports.

      Collected news reports. So there isn’t much data, since the CDC stopped reporting it.

  3. What is wrong with you people? There’s plenty of data. These dogs kill much more often than other dogs.Loaded guns…you peeps are crazier than Eileen.

  4. As I see it, there are hundreds of dog breeds out there. Choose another breed and let the pit bulls die out naturally. Better still, get a mutt.

  5. Constance P. Cecil Cecil

    A dog is a reflection of it’s owners – pit bulls are just dogs – dogs that have gotten a bad reputation because they are trusting and follow the lead of their owners – dog fights – we should have learned from Michael Vick’s dogs – over 30 of them were rescused and then rehabed and became pets – any dog that you train to fights is going to fight – any dog….

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