The McConnell Rules

In February (FEBRUARY!) 2009, Mitch McConnell wrote this letter to Harry Reid reminding him of the usual requirements for the advise and consent process for the incoming Obama Administration cabinet appointees.  This is pretty clear and pretty reasonable, so let’s have this same set of rules apply, right?


So where are the Dems here?  If I was Chuck Schumer, I would have just resent this to McConnell with my name on it.

Dos anyone know if any Senator can put a hold on a cabinet appointee confirmation?  Because that is certainly one outlet to make sure the process gets done.

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3 comments on “The McConnell Rules

  1. I love the idea of re-sending the same letter!

  2. Schumer heard you!

    Schumer on Monday sent back to McConnell a 2009 letter that McConnell himself wrote to then-Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) asking all of Obama’s nominees to submit ethics agreements, undergo FBI background checks and complete questionnaires before they were scheduled for confirmation hearings. In a speech Monday afternoon from the Senate floor, Schumer said McConnell should enforce the same standards now that his party is in the majority.

    “I don’t bring this up to play gotcha,” Schumer said of the letter, which was resurfaced by journalists on Twitter over the weekend. “I’m doing it to show that our requests are eminently reasonable and, in fact, have been shared by leaders of both parties.”

    Schumer tweeted out the new version of the letter, which was tweaked with a Sharpie to update the titles.

    Go check out the Sharpied letter! LOL!

    • cassandram

      LOL! I just came back here to post that. Just marking up the McConnell one and sending it back was choice.

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