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Why don't you comment on blogs? (Yep, it's a trick question! Give it a shot!)

Commenting on Blue Delaware is new and improved. We have a rating system, where you can rate comments up or down, and you can reply to comments directly (with nested replies).

8 comments on “Question of the Day

  1. Ohhh…First Reply 🙂 Although I read a few blogs every day, a rarely comment on them. A couple of reasons. 1) Perhaps I’m being a bit lazy 2) I’m 2 to 3 hours behind you (when Delaware springs forward, I’ll be 3 hours behind). So if I did have something to add to the discussion, my point has usually been made already. 3) For some of these thorny questions/topics; I HAVE NO CLUE WHAT THE RIGHT ANSWER WOULD BE!! So instead of commenting I usually don’t say much

    I do like the idea of being able to reply to a comment….That way if I don’t have to continually remember who made the original point that I’m referring to

  2. Susan Morris

    Honestly, many reasons:
    1.There are times I have commented with very valid points but no response to my post just the “regulars” around it.
    2.I don’t like social media arguments. Debates are fine but when gloves come off and things are made personal, I want to be able to talk 1:1.
    3.Blog comments can go on and on. I often wonder, do people actually read the comments above or below them?

    • Sometimes when a valid point is made, I think, That’s a really great point, but I don’t type those words. Which I think ties into your second point… debating differences without acknowledging agreement is something bloggers, myself included, need to work on.

      Your 3rd point is a biggie. As a contributor I try and read most comments (in case any rules are broken). It can be hard because it’s not always clear who commenters are addressing. There can be several conversations going on at one time. Too often we don’t read to comprehend, we just push our point and read what we want into someone’s comment. To me, asking for clarification is a good thing, but not everyone agrees with me on that method. Not sure why they don’t agree, but they don’t. Different strokes, different folks.

      Good points, Susan. Thanks for commenting!

  3. bamboozer

    Degree in political science (U. of D. class of ’81…Rah, rah, rah…. I’d like my money back) and I comment on nearly everything I read. Happy to find this new blog , I’ll be back.

  4. Because it tends to engulf my life until the thread dies. Refresh, refresh, refresh, comment, refresh, refresh…damn OCD!

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