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Dear Karen Hartley Nagle:

We get that you are proud of your achievement -- why shouldn't you be? You've been working at public elective office for awhile and now that you are New Castle County Council President, you want everyone to know how proud you are. But....

But tagging your own car?    I see these on the cars of people who are real estate agents or people who are promoting some MLM scheme or who are still in mourning for Dale Earnhardt.

It’s plenty showy, but wouldn’t you want people to know you because they have seen you regularly out and about in the community doing good stuff for them?

13 comments on “Dear Karen Hartley Nagle:

  1. And the parking job seems slightly illegal. It is not a parking space. It is that area that is supposed to remain free for walking or for handicap access.

    • cassandram

      Wow — I was so stunned at the car wrapping that I never even noticed that she wasn’t in a real parking space. Which makes it worse right? Now everyone knows who is illegally parking…..

  2. The illegal parking is what really got me. It’s the entitlement of it.

  3. Not only are you parking illegally, but you put your name on the car while you do it….TACKY

  4. She got a deal with Carvertise maybe it was a year contract or something. I saw it on her campaign finance report and here in her own words…..

    • cassandram

      That’s interesting and thanks. I suspect that candidates going forward will be looking to have contracts that end after the Primary or the General.

  5. Well, that’s a new way to fund a campaign.

  6. What I don’t see is a handicap tag/hanger. Not that it matters as she is parked in-between the spaces that people with wheelchairs use to get out.

    • cassandram

      Just hope that she isn’t expecting special treatment from the folks who ticket/tow people who illegally park at handicap spaces.

  7. SO perfect. The only thing missing in this picture is a crumpled wheelchair sticking out from the undercarriage.

    • With Vince D’Anna standing by yelling, “there’s nothing to see here, it was Tom Gordon, does anyone have a job for Karen?”

  8. By the way, where is her campaign finance report?

  9. Find campaign finance reports on the Dept. of Elections website.
    Scroll down Check out our Campaign Finance Reporting System:

    I have heard KHN has not yet submitted an SFI for NCC Ethics Commission for her council position. But I haven’t checked to see for myself. That should be somewhere on the NCC website.

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